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Keeping Your Orland Park Roofing System In Top Shape During Winter

So the squirrels are gathering up their nuts and the bears are accumulating as much fat as they can within their bodies. While you might not be prepping up to go to slumber for a few months, you should be ensuring your air conditioning is in tip top shape so that it doesn’t bulk on you in the middle of one winter night. You also need to ensure that your ladders and other equipment are in proper working condition and properly stored. And finally, you’ll want to make sure that your roofing system is in the best shape possible to get through the winter. While there’s a lot of home maintenance that you can do for your home before the winter weather sets in, getting an Orland Park roofing inspection is one of the things that are best left for the pros.

Checking Your Roof Before Winter

While your roof might look good from your standpoint on the ground, often there are hidden problems that you can’t see within a roofing system. The roof needs a closer inspection while on it. For the sake of safety you need to employ the services of professional roofers. They will come in to check the state of your shingles, if your roof ridge is sagging profusely, if your seal is still intact in the different places it was used, and if any falling debris has destroyed the roof in any area. These are the nitty-gritty they need to look at. Let’s get down to the details.

Check The Shingles

Your roofing contractor will check on whether there are any missing shingles. They will also confirm if the shingle granules are all intact just to ensure they have sealed off the shingles. Another important area to check is where the shingles meet bricks, flashing, and antenna mounting, among other different parts. These parts tend to have a sealant used to completely waterproof the roof at places of vulnerability. Sealant tends to weather over time and could have broken off. It should be replaced in places it has broken off. Shingles that are missing should also be replaced.

Orland Park Gutter Cleaning And Checkup

The gutter serves a significant purpose as it drains away rain and snow melt water. Get your roofing contractor to clean this out of debris that has collected in that area. Ensure the gutter has free flow by passing running water down its down sprouts using a garden hose. This is the reason you have the roofing contractor as they will do this efficiently for you.

Check The Attic & Roofing Structure

You will also need to make an attic check without fail. The attic helps keep the cold where it belongs while keeping the warmth where it is needed the most, in the house. Remind your contractor to check the insulation all through the attic so that it is uniformly distributed. Your contractor should also ensure your vents are free of insulation such that none is blocked from fulfilling its purpose.

You will be able to catch any serious issue like rot and repair it before winter comes on. You will be well prepared when you have to sit by your fireplace sipping some chocolate. Visit us at https://swsroofing.com/orland-park-il/ to book an inspection of your roof today.




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