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Four Questions To Ask Before Deciding To Repair, Patch, or Replace Your Orland Park Roof

Being the apex of the home, the roofing acts as the very first line of defence against the elements. Owing to this level of vulnerability, it is only natural that your roofing undergoes wear and tear. During a storm, damage to the roof is more likely to occur as a result of tree limbs falling and roof shingles being pulled at by the wind. Most homeowners are at sea when they experience some form of damage to their roof, as they aren’t too sure whether to simply repair and patch the damage or to replace the entire roof. If you find yourself in such class of homeowners, locate a roofing contractor in Orland Park to help you determine the best route out of your predicament. In the meantime, why not read through this guide for a quick briefing concerning your issue?

Will Your Insurance Cover A Roofing Replacement?

If the extent of damage to the roof is such that it is covered by your homeowner’s insurance and after a roofing assessment, they are of the belief that the roof should be replaced, then there really is no need to stress about having it repaired or patched – it should be replaced as directed by your insurers. In any case, replacement would be inevitable and you benefit substantially if you have it replaced sooner than later if it is covered by insurance.

How Old Is Your Roof?

How old your roofing is should at least give you a fair idea as to whether to have it replaced, repaired or patched. For example, if your roofing is about ten years and has suffered a minor damage, then the best option is to probably have it repaired. However, the option of having your roofing repaired may not be a favourable one if your roof was put on, say, 20 years ago, especially if the damage is a significant one. In such a case, it may have to be replaced. Bear in mind that the average life of a roof is around 20 or 25 years.

How Bad Is The Roofing Damage?

Sometimes, even though your roof may be relatively young, damage caused to it – as a result of poor installation or other means – may have been too significant that the only option left will be to have it replaced. Leaking flashing, multiple missing shingles, shedding granules etc are all signs of serious damage that may warrant a replacement.

Are You Planning To Sell Your House?

Supposing you don’t intend living at your current place of abode in a few years to come, then you may want to desist from going ahead with a roof replacement, especially if the roof can be made decent enough for the house to sell. The only caveat here is if the homebuyer demands a replacement as part of a deal, otherwise you should just go ahead with a repair.

Contact A Roofing Contractor In Your Area

With over twenty years of collective experience in the restoration and exterior modelling business, the team at SWS roofing are just the people you need for a discussion concerning your roofing needs. Our passion goes beyond recommending what will give us the biggest of contracts; it’s all about helping you get the longest life from your roof. Why not visit  https://swsroofing.com/orland-park-il/ if you wish to discuss the best options for your roof. We would be more than willing to assist you



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