Exploring The Pros And Cons Of The Most Popular Roofing Materials

You might know that your home is in dire need of a new roofing system, but you may be at a loss when it comes to choosing the best materials for your new Chicago roof. You’ll want to start by learning more about the best products on the market for roof, as well as exploring the services and costs of Chicago roofers who can complete the installation process for you. A home’s roofing system should last about 10 years, so it’s imperative that you make the right material selection in the beginning based on the climate and area that you live in, as well as your specific tastes.

What Types of Roofing Are Available

There are a number of types of roofing that are used regularly on homes and commercial properties around the globe. There are even specific materials and styles of roofing that vary from area to area. In Chicago, SWS Roofing is well versed in handling a variety of roofing concerns and questions, helping our clients to learn about the roofing process as they have their own roof repaired or replaced. Coverage and protection is essential in the roofing process, even more than getting a visually appealing outcome! But if you want something that does an awesome job protecting your home while still looking great, you should consider changing the materials used in your roofing system. Here are some of the most common options, as well as their pros and cons.

Asphalt Shingles

More than 70% of all residential homes throughout the United States have asphalt shingles. However, the number is slowly going down because many homes are transitioning to new types of coverages. That being said, asphalt shingles are still one of the most affordable roofing choices.


  • When made from fiberglass, they provide good fire protection
  • They look good on almost any home
  • They are the most affordable option
  • They provide 30-years of protection


  • If the shingles are cheaper, they might only last 10 years
  • If the attic is poorly vented, it can trap air and cause the lifespan of the shingle to be reduced
  • Mold and algae can become problems on shingles

Metal Roofing

Metal is starting to be one of the most sought-after roofing materials on the market. With the numbers climbing in the amount of homes that want this type of roofing, it continues to be made and produced with more sustainable features.


  • Metal shingles come in many different styles and colors to choose from
  • You can have metal roofing for 50 to 100 years with 30-50 of those years covered under warranty
  • Metal provides a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly roofing option compared to others


  • The cost of metal roofing can be higher than other types
  • Metal can dent if something heavy or sharp hits the panels

Solar Tiles

One of the newest roofing options on the market, but one of the eco-friendliest and provide the home with power, as well. These multi-functional tiles are replacing the large panels that once were on the tops of homes.


  • They can provide 100% of the electricity that the home needs to run
  • Get tax credits for these types of roofs in many states throughout the country
  • They are guaranteed to provide power for up to 30 years


  • They are much more expensive than a normal roof would cost
  • You may have to wait a bit to find a qualified professional to install the roofing system on the home since not every installer is up to speed on how to do so

Working With A Chicago Roofer For More Options

When the time comes to replace the roofing structure of your home or business, don’t leave things up to guess work; learn more about Chicago roofing techniques, materials, and services by visiting SWS Roofing at https://swsroofing.com/chicago-il/.


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