If you are planning to visit Orland Park and it’s nearby attractions for a relaxing experience, or just wanted to learn more about the village, Centennial Park is a great way to start.

Centennial Park is an enormous park, 192-acres, with a lake, trails, baseball and softball fields, and a water park featuring diving board, slides, waterfall, lazy river, and more. It is located at 15600 West Ave, Orland Park, Illinois USA, nestled within the center of the community.

Centennial Park is considered as one of the most beautiful parks in Orland Park, Illinois that offers year-round activities for visitors of all ages. It is a great place for individuals, couples, and families because it seems that they have something for everyone. Attractions include an Aquatic Center, concession stands, fishing and kayaking, pedal boat rentals, baseball and softball fields, piers for fishing, and many more.  

The park is an array of relaxing trees which are a natural backdrop for your picturesque photos if you are a social media enthusiast and photographer. There is no need for you to filter your photos because it will always turn out beautiful. Aside from that, the park is a truly magnificent park with a spacious field, artistic buildings and facilities, and a very calming environment.

Alongside the soothing environment is a thrilling experience for you to enjoy in the beautiful open green spaces with your loved ones. You can take advantage of their dog and skate park, water slides, and of course, the winter ice rink. They also have plenty of lifeguards, just in case you are concerned about the security of your children, rooms, chairs, umbrellas, etc. A member can get full advantage of the park for a lower fee, while non-member will be charged daily rates.

As for the other amenities, they offer decent food, good parking space, picnic area, and a nice and safe area for little kids. You can bring your own food but you just have to eat at the court. The park is crowded every summer but you can always go there anytime because they offer nice and warm water all year round.

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