Bachelor’s Grove Woods is located in south suburban Midlothian, Illinois, USA, approximately 25 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. Many tourists like to visit Bachelor’s Grove because it is something of a local legend. For some, it’s a place to gather with family while remembering their late loved ones. But for others, it’s a place full of mystery and sorrow. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful place to cherish and discover for yourself.

In 1967, three men, who called themselves the Bachelors Grove group, petitioned to make the place a cemetery and a shrine. The largest proportion of the land was used as a graveyard widely known today as the Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

The Fultons are one of the renowned families in Bachelor’s Grove Woods. In 1847, Tinley Park was built by John Fulton, Sr., which consisted of three rooms. In 1977 it was remodeled and reconstructed into a real estate office, and then in 2004 a Bed and Breakfast was added on the backside of the house.  

Throughout history, Bachelor’s Grove Wood has been a sought after place for recreation, including fishing, and even for farming. But things changed after a thoroughfare road was closed, the place became isolated and soon after was rumored to be haunted, but Fulton’s house is still there with new roofing and is currently open for visitors.

To reach Bachelor’s Grove Woods, head to the south side of the Midlothian Turnpike, 143 Street between Central and Ridgeland Ave. Park in the Rubio woods parking lot. Leave the roadway and walk up an overgrown gravel track. You will see a “No Trespassing” or “Closed” sign near the mouth to the trail. If you see a cable, it is a sign that at about half a mile you will find the Bachelors Grove and the cemetery ground.

Once you found the place, please try to keep it clean because it is isolated and sadly sometimes vandalized. There is no one responsible to keep it clean except you. Remember, the place is a wide cemetery ground and not a playground, so pay respect.

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